Angelica Hebrew
Angelica Hebrew
Angelica's confirmed character design.
Vital statistics
Position Bar tender.
Age 18
Status College student
Physical attributes
Height 5'9
Weight 150

Angelica is a supporting character in Living with the Reds, while she is usually seen in any episode featuring Fernando. She's recognized as the most restrained character of the main four, next to Lisa. Making her debut in Living with the Reds #1 - Welcome to Havana


She's overly kinky and a bit self-absorbed and dependent on Fernando for moral support. While she is a fanatic of reading and writing. She prefers to know more about the human spirit than about personal problems and world affairs. Her heart is pure but mind is overly radical. Often the first to ask help and first to complain about a situation.

Physical Appearance

Angelica is a Mexican-American. She's often seen wearing anything that doesn't have sleeves on them. Often exposing her arms. With a loving color of red, it's her go to color, brunette hair and eyes. Hair is rather short only reaching her shoulders.


Appearing in Episode 1- Welcome to Havana, Angelica was raised in the United States and meet Lisa through a friend of hers in middle school. Where she than grew an inspiration for achieving equal rights and worker rights. Upon dissecting her background it seemed her father was killed by a construction accident. Her family was paid heavily by his death but during her own investigation. He was crushed by a collapsing rooftop and blamed her fathers boss for poor construction material and weak advisers on the construction.

Angelica and Raul

Fernando waking up after a hard night of drinking and Angelica looks over to him.

She then began to train as Elise's top scout until facing Tsubasa up front. Impressed by his leadership she became more than a scout and a personal friend of his. Eventually moving to Cuba with Tsubasa for a better life that not even her family could provide her.

As the series progressed, it was hinted that her relationship with Tsubasa could be achieved as in their youth they were the trigger happy duo as opposed to Elise and Fernando. Angelica is shown to be a bat tender right across the street from Fernando's Taxi job in Episode 4. In an episode prior she shows off that is a well played in baseball being seen as the teams second best pitcher, followed by Yoet.


  • Out of Tsubasa and Fernando, Angelica is the only one that reported to the government she that came from the United States.
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