Blazed Hammer
Blazed Hammer Remaster
Official artwork of Blazed Hammer
Vital statistics
Position  ???
Age  ???
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6'4
Weight  ???
Blazed Hammer is the main character of Charmed journey. Although he is a main character there it is clear that his ambitions as well as motivation is unknown. His origins to all except those near him are anything but unclear. There is no open space for knowledge when it comes to this character.

Physical appearance

A mild built man, With long Black hair, eye color is unknown, A very agile looking character, speed usually ranges from 10/20 miles every time he is seen running. Very baggy clothing, with a long scarlet scarf. Pitch black shoes as well, with a little carrying cases attached to his belt.


There is no personality, blazed hammer hasn't said much to anyone. In fact he has said little to nothing. Though speaks through hand language usually. When this takes place, it means that there is a huge sense of character at hand. Though his lack of expression makes it difficult to tell what he's trying to say and or display.


Exposed by his son and the survivors of Galacta. Blazed Hammer was to be seen as the one who will bring a new age to the solar system through the means of creationism with his own stance of combat. While the time came, he used his blade to stab, Galacta. Once this occurred it all became clear that this caused the big bang. He sealed himself instead his Katanna until the time came for him to return. Crashing onto Earth, he came into contact with dr.kane. A Vietnamese scientist, who would eventually become a vessel for the return of Blazed Hammer.


  • Blazed Hammer is the only character who doesn't say anything throughout his story line.
  • Besides Peter, Blazed Hammer is mostly seen as one of comix-blades reoccurring icons.
  • Blazed Hammer is one of the top 5 characters who left a devastating impact in the James universa, with the number 1 spot. Via-creating the big bang.
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