Brandon McElroy
Brandon McElroy
Official Concept Art of Brandon McElroy
Vital statistics
Position Rebel soldier
Age 14
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 4'9
Weight  ???
Brandon McElroy is a recurring character in Kid Wars, making his first debut in Kid Wars - Episode 11: Return. Where he launched a gurellia offensive on Scorpins former strong hold.

Physical Appearance

Brandon wears the standard yellow colonial slave clothing that was passed down from colony to colony from the Droid Empire. He also has the distinct hairstyle normal in his age. He is armed with the DGH Shotgun.


Brandon is not one to waste time when he's in a rush. He gets right into business even having to shoot everyone out of his way to make sure he gets where he needs to be.

While he is arrogant, he also seems to suffer a form of trust issues. Shown when he made his debut when he met with the other rebels. He was quick to question them unless he got a slice of the action.


Brandon would officially make his debut in Kid Wars - Episode 11 - Return. When he was unintentionally rescued by the Petes. Where Marina came face to face with R.E.D. R.E.D was immobilized with a electronic pulse grenade. Where they would rush in, only to be confronted with a revived Scorpin. Before Brandon could fight, Jeremy intervened and subdued R.E.D and took him, along with Peter and James away to Terra's Palace. Where they would begin their next move. Brandon would stay behind, only when he was summoned by Jeremy to go and help him rescue Marina from near death, where he saved her but only by chance.


  • Brandon originally, was going to be Ryan Bose. This was changed and both characters swapped roles in the series.
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