Colorless Vision
Colorless Vision
Colorless Vision - Official concept art.
Vital statistics
Position Vigilante for Hire
Age 23
Status Available
Physical attributes
Height 6'4
Weight 180
Colorless Vision is the main character in Young Vigilante, he's primarily a vigilante for hire. Inspired by a vigilante before him, his motives are is to gain money and use it to sustain a decent lifestyle.


Colorless Vision is a rather sweet, often wanting to better the world but understands his job is hypocritical to what he wishes. Wanting the world to be free from pain, while he delivers it. Isn't a very talkative character, prefers to let his gestures do all the talking for him.

Physical Appearance

Because of the cutish design of Colorless Visions outfit. He has been mistaken as a female. The outside design is symbolic for the representation of his soul. While skin out is the representation of suffering he delivers to everyone. Lizard Yellow Eyes, hair the reaches his knee caps, and an outfit that's the smell of bleach.


Colorless Vision grew up in an Orphanage, his eyes scarring away all who wanted to adopt him. Often being confused as an Anthro-Lizard and Human hybrid or a mutant. It came to be that he is 100% human. Colorless Vision was inspired by another vigilante prior by the name 'Iron Ash' to do good for the world. His first job was to stop a bank robbery by a local mafia. After stopped his life took a turn for the worse.

Going from nation to nation to stop a human trafficking ring. He eventually came face to face with Sweet Led, who found a sick interest in Colorless Vision. Colorless kept her at bay and continued to press forward with his life and objectives at best he could. He then began to contemplate what he could do after his adventure was over.

Panel 7

Colorless vision looking ahead.

After completing ending the human trafficking ring and destroying the Xenophobic Army of Asia. He returned to the United States as a man with a new set goal. A vigilante for hire, no matter the boarder, no matter the distance.


In Duel Devastator, Colorless Vision is seen in Ordions deck. As her primary card, it isn't said out but it is implied that Colorless Visions brutality and use of close combat use made him be remembered.

Panel 8

Colorless Visions final panel.


  • Colorless Visions name is Micheal.
  • Sweet Led and Colorless Vision were made to be polar opposites in every way possible. His colors represented the sweet soul he contained but bitter judgment he produced.
  • Colorless Vision is a Mechanic.
  • He's a college dropout.
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