Cybernetic Feather
Cybernetic Feather
Official art of cybernetic feather
Vital statistics
Position Former Assassin
Age  ???
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight  ???
Cybernetic Feather first appeared as a shadowy figure was waiting for his turn to destroy the one who destroyed Galacta. While he waited it was drawing closer and closer that his time was coming sooner than expected forcing him to be prepared for a match made by destiny.

Physical Appearance

A extremely scrawny little man, with his back half of his body completely composed by metallic angel wings. As he classified it as the angel of vengeance. eyes multi-colored representing the sides of the destruction brought about him. As well as the cyborg body, representing both. the ideals of a humane world powered by nature and natural goods. As well as a metallic marvel, a body mostly composed of cold steel and electric connections.


Very open minded thinking of others before thinking of himself. Usually see's the big picture in everything before he acts upon things in the smaller picture. A self proclaimed angel of vengeance, though he has the mind and soul to back up that claim. He's very respectful to those all around him, usually replacing love with honor, grace with glory, as well as instinct with logic.


Cybernetic Feather Appears

Cybernetic Feather attacking Blazed Hammer.

Being one of the few many who survived the destruction of Galacta, Cybernetic Feathers body was completely destroyed as a result. He was captured in the Eternal Fortress where it took him 400 years to heal up completely and retrained for the moment when he could face the man who slaughtered everyone, and everything on Galacta. While everyone on the Eternal Fortress where constantly training and preparing for the day they face off against Blazed Hammer. He lost his hatred on a personal level and now wanted to face him for the sake of those who he killed rather than a personal act of revenge.

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