Derg Ethiopia
Official art of Ethiopia
Vital statistics
Position Former member of the cult - Forcement Judgment
Age 29
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 6'3
Weight 220
Ethiopia first appeared as a like minded foe, who used mercy as well as deals to appeal to Blazed Hammer, using discussion to talk them to an agreement, after he was nearly killed by Blazed, his personality completely changed for the worse as now he was willing to use violence as a means of an end.

Physical Appearance

Ethiopia's original first episode look was him in dark skin, light armor, as well as one eye covered with red glass. his armor was slightly bulkier, making it harder for him to move as he usually looked stiff. His reapperance design (Photo on the side) is his return. With three glass eyes, a much more simplier design. A white cape this time around as well as his national colors on his chest, right next to his battery heart.

Personality (Chapter 1)

Very passive, using logic as well as discussion to reach an agreement. Like minded with those around him. Only would attack if given a reason, used measures of combat only as a limitation. Was a kind soul as well, really didn't want to use violence but had to.

Personality (Chapter 5)

Using violence as well as ignorance to get what he needs, no longer being passive nor was he going to be loving to meet

Ethiopia vs Blazed Round 2

Ethiopias rematch.

the ends in front of him. Though one thing was certain, his measures of violence was enforced. As now he terms of right and wrong are only limited to how reactionary he is at the point in time of any event in front of him.


Named after the former government in Ethiopia before the droids came in and ended the regime. Ethiopia migrated over to South Korea where he'd become one of the biggest players in the turning tide of hand to hand combat. Usually getting involved with race riots as well as anti-droid protests. He eventually was losing hope in himself when he came across the cult, Forcement Judgment, where he became a long time member eventually being promoted as a voice for Viola (though she never knew of this).

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