Fire - EX-6
Official concept art of Fire/Ex-6
Vital statistics
Position Kid Army Experimental Weapon.
Age 16
Status K.I.A
Physical attributes
Height Varies
Weight 1 miligram
Fire/Ex-6 is an experimental weapon developed during the ending run of the first galactic war. He was developed to be the last step for biological warfare to fight the Droid Empire but instead came to hate those who had created him.

Physical Appearance

Fire's body is made specifically out of an intense heat and has to manifest in small places of warmth in order for him to be sustainable.


Fire is very timid and shy, this combination makes him act out of fear then out of anything else. He is left alone often and maintains a certain energy of greed and direction.


They made their debut in Kid Wars - Episode 7. Where he was causing an uproar and was immediately attacked by Peter. He was defeated and escaped only to once again be attack but this time by Jamie. Who had thrown his alcohol at Fire only for him to expand in size but to once again be defeated. Eventually through a deeper inspection of history. Fire was picked up off the street at random to be a testing example for the Kid Army. He was the only success story out of the Kid Army in biological warfare. Because of his forced change they developed an absolute sense of hatred towards the people who had transformed him, vowing personally that the forces who had changed him would pay the price he paid. In their final battle with Peter, he was absorbed by Peter completely of all the fire energy he had obtained and what was left of him was nothing but a husk of space.

Battle History

Victory Match Defeat
Vs Peter - Round 1 X
Vs Jamie X
Vs Peter,James, and Jamie X
Vs Peter - Round 2 X


  • Fire is heavily based off of Chaos 0 from Sonic Adventure.
  • Jeremy confirms that Fires defeat is what triggered him to discover about Peter's importance.
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