Gemo Bobs
Gemo Bobs
Official Artwork
Vital statistics
Position Supreme Commander of the Marshin Royal Administration of War
Age 48
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 210
Gemo Bobs is a recurring villain in Kid Wars, he is the complete war minister for the Marshin Core Droid-Core. And head of state of the Uranian colonies occupied by the Droid Empire.

Physical Appearance

Gemo Bobs wears the standard Marshin Officers uniform. Which is considered out of date, lacks colors, and is a symbol of a death regime.


Gemo is calculative and loves to think. His obsession with mathematics makes him one of the few military leaders who focuses on every strategic odd based on that singular fact. His lack of humanity to those who question their odds makes him frustrated and aware who he can and can't trust. A lack of faith is one of the main features he's recognized for.


Making his debut in Kid Wars - Episode 4: Dark Knight. Gemo would oversee the procedure of the Dark Knight with the assistance of a mysterious dark figure. Gemo was careful enough not to question their true objective.

His origins was better shown in Kid Wars: Command Journal and Kid Wars: Year of the Commando. Where Gemo was considered the most powerful mind in the Droid Empire only second to Joshua.

Gemo's desire to represent the Marshin people as superior to their weaker and quicker aging humans was his primary motive to bring the two worlds together. He strictly believed the beauty in humanity can only be achieved when everyone in humanity understood that humiliation and a representation of courage will make them be united like the Marshin people. Gemo would play no military planning in the battle for Earth. He was mostly stationed over the planet of Uranus and would play in Cosmic space battles. Where he would endlessly argue with L.O.G over their real course of action. Gemo was not deterred by machines, not even deterred by the Plutonian Royal Empire. He was only accepting to fellow Marshins, Joshua being the only one in high military in command who understood Gemo's perspective.

After the war for Earth was over in 1999, Gemo was the main military instructor over the battle for Uranus. He felt that every Marshin life, should feel the same amount of torture, to feel the same amount of loss, and accept the criminal charges the Uranians put on the Marshin troops who fought on the field. From 1999 - 2002, he would effectively use weapons of mass destruction when given the chance on Uranus at any and all opportunities. No one in high command was willing to co-operate. Once hearing of his success' he officially got support from the Plutonians. While he refused their support, he understood the Plutonian losses. Were among the highest of all forces combined in the Droid Empire.


  • Despite them both being Marshins, Joshua and Gemo never share any onscreen time. This was part of military protocol. As only Marshins of the same military operations are to meet in the same location.
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