James Evans
James Evans redraw
Official concept art of James.
Vital statistics
Position Bounty Hunter
Age 11
Status Active Rebel
Physical attributes
Height 4'4
Weight 132
James Evans is a reoccurring character in Kid Wars. The brute of the rebellion. Often being seen side by side with Peter, he is the one of the team who knows the most about the inner workings of the droid empire and there battle plans. Out of all the Petes, he is the mind of the team.

Physical Appearance

An average build, dark skin, black hair, usually is seen wearing multiple outfits.(image is his episode 10 outfit) notably his hair is 2 inches long, curly hair.


He uses reason when set though has a quick temper which can make him a brute, emotionally damaged. It's hard to tell when he's being serious and when he's just being rude. While he isn't in the mood to be very angry. He's rather a calm speaker and mindful of the feelings of those around him. Though it's a rarity.


Growing up on Saturn during the Galactic wars, James was the son of a military general for the Droid Empire who was eventually killed. Leading to James' long term hatred toward the droid empire and became his motivation to fight them 5 years later. Raised to be the droid empires finest bounty hunter. He surpassed all the basic tests and eventually was in the same league as Joshua in terms of close combat and was promoted along with Marina as his top men. While he went on search and destroy missions he eventually returned to Earth to take on another task involving an Ancient Weapon. Where he ran into both Peter and Ryan. While he tried to kill them and failed, they would eventually get him to join there rebellion.

James would mark himself when he was quick enough to kill Joshua, ending the Czar of Earths life but at the same time, he was also captured by Scorpin shortly after and taken hostage only to be rescued by Peter, Marina, and Help Droid shortly after.

Battle History

Despite James being the strongest of Peter and Marina, his battle record shows anything but promise as he's found himself constantly facing foes who completely outrank him or he underestimates the threats in front of him.

Victory Total Battle Run defeat
Joshua assassination attempt X
X Battle with Alexis the bounty hunter
X Duel with Joshua (Assistance by Peter)
Capture scorpin (Assistance by Peter,marina, and Help droid) X
Duel with James X
Battle with Dark Knight X
Vs Ronnie (Peter Assist) X
X Vs Fire Round 2 (Peter and Jamie assist)
Stop Scorpin! X
Vs Czar Brigade X
Vs Jeremy ( Peter Assist ) X


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