Joshua Harvey
Joshua Harvey
Official art of Joshua
Vital statistics
Position Former Czar of Earth

Former leader of the Droid Empire

Age 16
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 167

Joshua Harvey is the first villain to appear in Kid Wars as he was presented to be an overwhelming force. A careful leader and didn't handle failure and punished those who did bring on failure. The leader of the Droid Empire for a 6 year time period ultimately to be killed during his 6th year.

Physical Appearance 

Joshua is a rather average built boy, his body temperature ranges from 130 to 250. Although he is from Earth he was raised on Mars and shares very little with the Earthling mindset and complexity. Wearing all black as a symbol of fear and a cape.


Very go and pass kind of character though deep thinks about the situation before engaging, loses his cool when things go unplanned which makes him an easy target. Showing no mercy towards friends or foes it became increasingly clear he can be sweet and very kind hearten to those nearby him.


Raised to be the very first planetary Czar of Earth, Joshua was raised on Mars to test out his overwhelming ability called "Soul energy" where he had successfully tapped into it. Making him the successor of the former Droid Imperial leader, Darren Harvey. While he wasn't very willed in the war room, he was very combat based handling rebels groups on his own. It was revealed that Droid Commander was to be Joshua's adviser and the eyes of Okla, who Joshua critically hated due to the fact that Okla was only using the Droid empire for his own personal ambitions and not for conquest at all as he'd wanted. Eventually he'd be partnered up with James and Marina. While he grew to like them they showed him complete loyalty and very little signs of failure. Ultimately he was killed by James in his base at Cuba.

Kid Wars - Year of the Commandos

It was revealed that Joshua plays a role in Year of the Commandos not of the same rank but as a operations manager where he was partnered with Scorpin before being aligned with Droid Commander. Making his debut in Episode 22, a few episodes after Scorpins debut episode. Where we discover how Joshua gained a better grip in the Droid Empire.

Battle History

Victory - Total battle run - Defeat
X Joshua assassination attempt
X Alexis confronts Joshua
Duel with Peter and James X
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