Marina Nyia Vista
Marina Nyia Vista
Marina official artwork
Vital statistics
Position Strategist of the rebel group "The Petes" and Kid Army spy
Age 11
Status Active Rebel
Physical attributes
Height 4'3
Weight 150
Marina Nyia Vista is reoccurring character in Kid Wars. While she is the most distant of the team, her knowledge of weapons of war as well as extreme piloting skills make her the most lethal of the all the Petes.

Physical Appearance

Marina is a slightly chubby girl, with long wavy brunette hair. That is said to be 16 inches long. Often wearing dark clothing while preparing for battle or 50 styled dresses when she is off the battlefield.


Like James, she is very direct when a situation calls for it. Being seen as one of the more heartless of all the Petes among them. She usually believes in the ideal of "The mission comes first, friendship comes second." Often being more sympathetic to those who fight alongside her and being slightly more heart warming to those who are nothing more than talking pals. Usually blurring the lines of Anti-hero to Pro-hero. Her inability to handle situations with an open mind keeps her a heavy liability.


Raised in the United Kingdom during the droid occupation, she was raised by her father to combat those who'll be against the dream of human freedom, after being captured and forced to watch her father be murdered. She forced into a corner of loyalty to the droid empire. Being built up to be the second in command of the droid imperial space force she was then drafted to Joshua's personal pilot. It was here when she encountered James, while they were very kind to each other they eventually bonded into a very kind friendship, going to Earth to retrieve special supplies for Joshua. It was here she encountered Peter and Ryan. Shortly after being used as bate for the rebels. She eventually escaped only to form a bond of friendship with Peter.

Battle History

Victory - Total Battle Run - defeat
Joshua assassination attempt X
X Shootout in the Scorpin space station
Capture scorpin (Assistance by James,Peter , and Help droid) X
X Taking on the Droid Empire(assist by Jamie and Peter)
X Show down with Red Eye
X Chucky vs Jamie
Stop Scorpin X
Vs Czar Brigade X
X Operation - Cargo Bomber
- Vs R.E.D -



  • Marina is the only reoccuring Petes member to not use any close combat weapons.
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