Ordion Miranda
Ordion Miranda
Ordion official concept art
Vital statistics
Position Lashute Guardian
Age 18
Status Lashute Minister of public affairs
Physical attributes
Height 3'5
Weight 80

Ordion Miranda is a reoccurring character in Duel Devastator. Ordion is the guardian of her local village, Lashute. A personal friend of Glens and is seen as the biggest rival of Hale's. In the first arc of Duel Devastator.


Ordion is straight to business, preferring a mature oriented environment over a childish approach to any sort of combat. Ordion isn't one to keen on allowing her friends to be arrogant and prefers them to have their "deck stacked" for what's to come. Although she is a rather kind hearted but abrasive being to her friends and family, despite understanding her responsibilities.


Ordion debuted in Episode 2 - Moonside Fate, Ordion wasn't very favorable to outsiders of Lashute after a series of ongoing raids happened to Lashute. Promoting her to be Lashute's line of defense. Battling Phi and beating Phi almost effortlessly, her battle with Hale was dropped upon the return of Glen.

Once she became frequented with Hale and Phi, she recognized them as connections to Glen. If Glen were to vanish, she wouldn't have much of a connection with his friends. Later it was exposed that Ordion can leave Lashute recognizing one of the Raiders were competing in the Olympia event, where she would compete side by side with her new allies.


Ordion being the travel guide for the 1st Saga has left her battle ready often but was never in a situation where she had to battle directly with only one inclusion.

Victory Duel History Defeat
X Phi vs Ordion
- Hale vs Ordion vs Phi and Glen -
X Ordion vs Luasia


Ordions deck is the most versatile in the first arch, often swapping setting with assist cards. Only second to Hale in terms of waiting out the battle for an immediate victory.

  • Colorless Vision - Primary Player Card
  • Illustia - Assist Card
  • Dual Dagger - Gear Card
  • Power Seed - Gear Card
  • Banishment Card - Off battle purposes
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