Peter Huynh
Peter Huynh redraw
Peter official art.
Vital statistics
Position Leader of the rebel group "The Petes" and elite enforcer of the Kid Army.
Age 10
Status Active Rebel
Physical attributes
Height 4'3
Weight 120
Peter Huynh, is the main character of the series, Kid Wars. Although while he didn't plan the formation of the Rebellion group that he's come to lead. He was in support of the formation of it. After the death of Ryan Bose, Peter became the unofficial leader of the rebellion.

Physical Appearance

Peter is a average built up boy, with the average cut down brown hair, often wearing clothing that exposes his arms and torso. Usually seen wearing baggy pants and a thin shirt.


He's a think when it's necessary kind of character, usually when he proves a point he gets bashed for reasons against that point though while he is very loyal to those by him; He isn't very strong willed making him vulnerable to pier-pressure as well as the aspect of getting mentally overpowered. Though when prideful all that matters is his common goals and his vision of good and evil is what he'll confront. Nice to those who will provide assistance as well as those against the powers of evil and supportive to those of the good willed.


Raised to be a cargo worker in Sand City, CA. He was built up for only moving cargo and sending ship to ship, ultimately we was selected to be in the same intergalactic hacking class, which made him run into Ryan and James. Often disobeying the rules established by his superiors they got fed up and allowed Peter to do what he wanted, due to the fact he doesn't yet, comprehend the world just yet. When news of James' return came by he took it as a chance to go reunite with a long time childhood friend.

Eveb when he was recovered, Peter took the mantle as the eader of the Petes unintentionally due to his position in defeating Scorpin and being a figure head for Droid Imperial opposition. Despite this, he was given much respect throughout the world for being one of the two people to proactively oppose the Droid Empire openly and to have made progress.

Battle History

Peter's battle history is extensive, being involved with a series of fights. He's not one to shy away from battle but he's always been one to either claim a lucky victory or a humiliating defeat.

Victory Total battle run Defeat
Joshua assassination attempt X
X Battle with Alexis the bounty hunter
X Duel with Joshua (assistance by James)
X Shootout in the Scorpin space station
Capture scorpin (Assistance by James,marina, and Help droid X
X Battle against scorpin (Assistance by Help Droid)
X Duel with James
Attacked by Chucky X
X Taking on the Droid Empire(assist by Jamie and Marina)
Show down with Red Eye X
Battle with Ronnie ( Round 1 ) X
X Battle with Dark Knight (Jamie assist)
X Vs Fire - Round 1
Vs Ronnie (James Assist) X
X VS Fire - Round 2 (James and Jamie assist)
X VS Fire - Round 3
Stop Scorpin ( James, Brandon, Jeremy, and Marina assist) X
X Duel with the Czar Guardians
Vs Jeremy X


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