This is a complete list of soundtrack composed by Comix-Blade members this includes songs from other forms of media composed on as well.

James PC - Walk Around

Song Title Track Composer Notes
Main Menu 1 James Evans
Miracle Rounds 2 James Evans Comix-Blade Theme Remix
Look through the lines 3 James Evans
Amid the Atmosphere 4 James Evans
Pink lights 5 James Evans
The Forgotten Lands 6 James Evans
The Deep Blue Discovery 7 James Evans
Calm world 8 James Evans
The Dry Death 9 James Evans
Heated Journey 10 James Evans
I want you DEAD or ALIVE! 11 James Evans Beta Track

Hailstorm Ace

Song Title Track Composer Notes
Rainstorm Brigade 1 James Evans
The Homefront 2 James Evans Remix of 'Rainstrom Brigade'
Orbital Battlefront 3 James Evans
A Separate Battle 4 James Evans
Tempted By Death 5 James Evans
Mercenary Encounter 6 James Evans Isn't heard in game
Where the wicked should die 7 James Evans
A Taste of Victory 8 James Evans
The Final Assault 9 James Evans
Powerful Enemy Approaching 10 James Evans
The other enemy is here 11 James Evans
A duel to the death 12 James Evans

Young Vigilante

Song Title Track Composer Notes
Introduction 1 James Evans
Cutscene /Event 2 James Evans
USA/Hired For Murder 3 James Evans
Mexico/ Genocide Son 4 James Evans
Tanzania/ Savior Of Suicide 5 James Evans
Greenland/ Erotic Execution 6 James Evans
China/ Graveyard Hours 7 James Evans
French Guyana / Dying Alone 8 James Evans
USA/ Hired for murder - Future Fallen remix 9 James Evans Remix of a Future Fallen track
Philippines/ Final battle  10 James Evans
Intro reprise 11 James Evans
Survival Instinct 12 James Evans
Credits 13 James Evans

Future Fallen

List below is all the tracks available in the demo of Future Fallen

Song Title Track Composer Notes
Future Fallen/Title Screen 1 James Evans
Origins of Failure 2 James Evans
City of Structure 3 James Evans
Prey to the Hunters 4 James Evans Battle Song 1
Fields of M.I 5 James Evans
Oppressed Village 6 James Evans
Humorous Attitude 7 James Evans
Machine Core 8 Android-EKA
Cybernetic Core 9 Android-Eka Remix of Machine Core
Optional Encounter 10 James Evans
Foreshadowing sensation 11 James Evans
Mechanical Identities base 12 James Evans
Bodyguard 13 Android-Eka Boss theme 1
Feeling of Defeat 14 Android-Eka
I Watched them Die 15 James Evans
Chapter End - Jingle 16 James Evans

Operation: Savior

Song Title Track Composer Notes
Title Screen 1 James Evans
Awake Tonight 2
Set in Stone 3
Saturn,6th Planet in the Solar System 4
Work Load 5
Danger Ahead! 6
Uncovered from Crisis 7
A.I activating 8
My Name is Wisdom 9
Colonization 10
Rings and casual romance 11
Machine Bunk 12
Change of Duty 13
Solar System (Version 1) 14 (Orchestral Version)
Razor, 3rd Colony in the Solar System 15
Famine Alert 16
It Shouldn't be Complicated 17
Employeed! 18
Dragons Clouds 19
Statement of Faith 20
Times Up, Kiddo! 21
Happiness is in the air 22
I will come back to you love 23
Right?Wrong! 24
Solar System (Version 2) 25 (Guitar Version)
Titan,2nd Colony in the Solar System 26
Dank Cavern 27
City in the Sky 28
Debugging 29
Drop Off, Set off 30
Wisdom wises up 31 Remix of track #9
Organ manifestation 32
Solar System (Version 3) 33 (Jazz Version)
Ego,1st Colony in the Solar System 34
Former Life 35
Traceable prints 36
Ego air 37
Solar System (Version 4) 38 (Choir Version)
Eris,9th Orbit in the Solar System 39
Heart of Regrets 40
Eternity comes forth 41
Battle of wits 42
Acceptance 43
Defeated Cause 44
Waiting for Eternities return 45 Remix of track #41
Credits/ Solar System Slumber 46
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