Petes Logo

The Petes logo that was introduced in Kid Wars - Episode 11, Saga 3 - Return.The Green Version of the logo is specifically made for Peter, while Marina maintains a blue version, and James a purple version.

The Pete's are a rebellion team that debuted in Kid Wars - Episode 1: The Start but where not given a name until Kid Wars - Episode 11: Guardian of Earth.

They would all be wearing matching combat uniforms and technology rounded up by Marina.

Team Members

  • Peter Huyhn - Leader of the Petes. (Joined in Kid Wars - Episode 1)
  • James Evans - Strongest member of the team and unofficial second in command. (Joined in Kid Wars - Episode 2)
  • Marina Nyia - The weapons expert of the Team. (Joined in Kid Wars - Episode 1)
  • Brandon McElroy - Demolition expert of the Team. (Joined in Kid Wars - Episode 12)

Former Team Members/ Associates

  • Ryan Bose - Creator of the Team ( Joined in Kid Wars - Episode 1, was killed in said episode. )
  • Jamie Evans - While unofficial member, he is known for helping the Petes in the Molten Chronicles Saga.
  • Jeremy Shin - While unofficial member, Jeremy is seen as the border between human resistance and Earths finest defense, he wouldn't begin officially helping the Petes until Kid Wars - Episode 13.
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