Tsubasa Mizuchi
Tsubasa Mizuchi
Tsubasa waiting for Angelica and Fernando.
Vital statistics
Position Translator and Labor worker.
Age 18
Status College Student
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 160
Tsubasa Mizuchi is the main character in Living with the Reds. While he is one of the most contained out of everyone in the cast. Tsubasa is a rather selfless and albeit humorous character. Trying to focus humor and friendship and selfless actions at work.


Tsubasa's humor comes from history and trying to be cocky. A lot of in-jokes and historical events is where his humor comes from. While he isn't the smartest one of his friends, he is the bravest one. Usually saying "The brave ones are always the first to die." As exposed in flashbacks, Tsubasa's lack of regret and attachment makes him hard to understand to many. As he prefers to be distant from everything.

Physical Appearance

Tsubasa is moderately built. As his job is lifting cargo from port to port. He's in excellent shape, his hair often seen curly and or poofs often seen with helmet hair more than any other hair styles. He's an African American.


Showing up in Episode 1 - Welcome to Havana, Tsubasa Mizuchi is an American immigrant to Cuba. Often seen praising the Cuban


Tsubasa waiting for Fernando and Angelica.

government in high school. His families displeasure with his choices' in politics reinforced him to move to Cuba. Immediately being disgusted by the lack of English, he had to learn Spanish on his own. Eventually his practice paid off as he gained a day job as a Spanish to English tutor and a night job working in Havana harbor.

Not wanting to be bashed and be forced into a corner, Tsubasa claimed he came from Guyana. To evade suspicion from the government and his employers. Going deeper in his flash backs it shows off that Tsubasa was indeed a leader of a local militia for international communist campaigns and self trained to an extreme degree. 

Tsubasa in Episode 3 showed off that his baseball talents would put him on par with either the Japanese or Cuban Baseball teams as he was without a doubt the best at the sport throughout the entire cast with Alla being the teams second best. While Tsubasa is also shown off to be well skilled in fencing, he is only able to fence for a certain period of time, claiming fencing is a talent he is "easily distracted in."      


  • In Episode 7, the C.U.S journal he ripped out was a reference to a rival party called 'Scarlet Vengeance.' In the same said Episode, it's revealed he knew Crimson Gold personally.
  • Tsubasa considers himself the inferior character indirectly at times.
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