Viola Luanda
Viola Luanda
Official artwork of Viola
Vital statistics
Position Former leader of the cult - Forcement judgment
Age 23
Status dead
Physical attributes
Height 5'9
Weight 180
Viola was first seen as a minor player in Charmed Journey as she didn't know anything about the events that surrounded Blazed Hammer. It wasn't until Ethiopia was defeated when she took notice of the events and became obsessed with Blazed Hammer more than the sword he had that she wanted. This eventually becomes her wrong doing when her cult comes into deadly contact with Blazed Hammer.

Physical Appearance

She is an average built character, with her upper legs exposed. A lover of the black and white fashion sense. Glowing golden eyes with black arm gloves and black boots. She has fangs, a total of 2. One on the top right and the other on the bottom left side of her mouth.


She has been a very passive character, being able to let things go, depending on the volume of importance it has when it comes to her and her followers. She is very forgiving and is able to let things slide under her radar. Though she hesitates to get her hands dirty though when she does, it's very nasty as she plays for keeps. There is no second place when she decides to compete.


Born and raised in Kenya during the droid empire rule. She was quickly seen as a wierder source as she was quite the quiet classmate. She eventually was moved over to China where she discovered an ancient cosmic god by the name of " Forcement Heart " that a lot of droid empire leaders believed in. While she became a heavy follower. She soon discovered another ancient fighting form, known as Soul energy, training to master it for 12 years. She eventually became one of the few humans to actually master it completely. during this time span she formed her cult and awaited the day the message from Forcement heart to come to the Earth. When Blazed hammers sword feel to Earth, she sent her most violent forces over to Taiwan to set up a base and to retrieve the sword so that she could use it to summon, Forcement Heart.

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