Yiro Cade
Yiro Cade
Yiro Cade promotional artwork
Vital statistics
Position Revolutionary
Age 17
Status M.I.A
Physical attributes
Height 4'7
Weight 125
Yiro Cade is the main character of Future Fallen. He's leader of the rebellion group 'Ghost Limbs' and is there strongest member. Yiro Cade comes from no powerful background though he is a subject B-Mutant.


Yiro is no-nonsense. He wants to get the job done by any means necessary. Either it be harmful to himself or to others, Though he is a touch sensitive at certain times. Allowing others to take his ring in so he can listen and follow in suit. His level of being open minded makes him invulnerable to any kind of assault his enemies can dish out to him as he's always prepared for the worst.

Physical Appearance

Panel 3

Promotional artwork of Yiro in 2015.

He wears a Bio-Suit. A Uniform he created for Ghost limbs, it's a suit that increases attack and agility. His Right eye is red and contains a scar. His right arm is completely artificial and contains a mini-computer called 'd.n.a'.


Yiro Cade was born from a poor family who sold their bodies to science in order to live a sustainable life. The product of that science came to be the fruits of Yiro Cade. Who is an artificial mutant, he grew up with a basic understanding that M.I is the root to the worlds problems and he can stop M.I if he put his mind to it. At the age of 12, he was taken away from his family to begin a new life as weapons constructor at a


Yiro in game panel.

Weapons Plant in Junction City. Eventually revolting and meeting with Harold and Nina where they planned there revolution against M.I.


Yiro wields fire arms of any sort, he isn't very comfortable with close combat. Which is a talent he himself has an issue with in general. He makes up for it with firing pure plasma out of his eye. Reinforced by a few programs given to him by CPU in his right arm.

Energy Abilities

Energy Level Effect
Recovery I 1 Heal one member of your party.
Prowess 4 Increase's Attack Power by 10
Reinforcements 5 Recover a fallen party member.
Gradiant Seal 7 Revive any Mech party member

Special Abilities

Special Level Effect
Charge 1 Lowers enemy agility.
Ray Eclipse 5 Unleashes a powerful beam to attack one enemy.
Sentinel Burst 11 Sends a virus to all enemies on the battlefield
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