Zach/Unit 705
Zach Unit 705
Vital statistics
Position Legal enforcer
Age 38
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6'3
Weight 238
Zach/ Unit 705 is the main character of the comic book Zachs Arch. A dirty officer who did what he'd like to get the answers out of his captured criminals. Most notably a hated force on the legal side. As he see's violence is the only way to get the answers out of the corrupt and that his means of gaining answers is all he needs to do to justify his position on the legal force.

Physical Appearance

Selected to be blue and white but was promoted to the night region of legal action, so he changed his color scheme to Black and White to symbolize how twisted his vision of life really is. Bulky arms and Legs, with a fire like design just above his feet and hands.


A living definition of someone who only jokes with friends and doesn't take the jokes of anyone else. He's absolutely reactionary attacking and doing what he could to prove his worth by doing whatever is necessary to show off his abilities to others. Very blunt and self contained, usually only answering to himself before he answers to anyone else.


Zach was built to be an officer during the phase of the mother computers establishment although while he was very loyal to the mother computers mission directed toward him. He began to see the disgusting side of the corrupt bots and began to show off brutality over loyalty to those who came across him. After he captured Cerberus, he was promoted to the night region where he met Zone. Who'd eventually become his equal and long time friend.

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