Zachs arch shirt

Original poster of Zachs Arch in the summer of 2014.

Series concept and creation

Released in the summer of 2014. It was the first release of Writers summer 2014, written and Illustrated by James Evans. Who by this time was becoming a minor player in the comic book scene. With this novel, Zachs Arch. Which consisted of 3 chapters. As a symbolism form of a time of day. Morning, noon, night was a theme in the novel, though subtle. As this series tackled the ideal of legal corruption, powerful forces who are puppets, rebels who's the real heroes only to be subjected to a hateful corner. As well as a level of Pro-police enforcement that was met with a nasty hand.

Original release format

Zachs Arch faced a very limited printing run, while the sales were strong, the feedback was rather weak as it was competing with different releases at the time. The printed run lasted until September 2014, nearly 5 months after it was released. The game format was released in November of 2014 but it went critically ignored. it was reported that the printed copies of Zachs Arch went released again with a complete sale in February of 2015. With a stronger reaction this time around, unfortunately, the printed sales are no longer going to happen until further notice.

Online release format

In the summer of 2015, Zachs Arch faced a re-release on the digital world,

Zachs Arch entry 1 cover

Entry 1 release on the digital market of Zachs Arch.

being released on Amazon, Lulu, and With single chapter selections instead of the whole thing unlike the printed copy. Similar to the Charmed Journey re-releases. As all the episodes will now be on the online market!


-Zachs Arch is considered as one of James' Sega inspired 3, as Zachs Arch was inspired by Vectorman.

-Upon release, this was one of the most ignored stories written by James until the prints were re-sold in February of 2015.

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